• The establishment of Higer vocational training school will not only promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry in the park, but also better meet the needs of Higer itself and the society.
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  • As the core partner of "Happy School Bus", Higer Bus not only donated money in the tenth issue of "Tiansheng First Team", but also donated the maintenance cost for the first year of each Higer school bus. At the same time, it customized development and donated G-BOS Smart Operation System. The school bus version of the facilitates transparency and disclosure of information. The accumulated donations of Higer Bus totaled 4.2 million yuan.
  • Donated funds for the reconstruction of "Higer Hope Primary School in Guancang Town, Tongzi County, Guizhou Province", "Higer Hope Primary School in Zhongwang Village, Qishan Township, Li County, Gansu Province", and "Higer Central Primary School in Ridang Town, Longzi County, Tibet".
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  • The female employees of Higer spontaneously set up the corporate caring group "Mother Higer Love Club". In order to help those girls who have been or will be out of school due to poverty, Aixinhui has carried out fixed-point and paired assistance activities, and donated money and materials from time to time. Plan the "Out of the Mountain to See the World" activity, and bring pair-funded exceptionally poor students to Suzhou to participate in a three-day activity, including visits to the city’s small school, attending classes, meeting with paired sponsors, celebration of June 1st, and Watching 3D movies, visiting the Shanghai World Expo, etc., create opportunities for children from Higer Hope Primary School to go out of the mountains and see the world.
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