Build Dreams and Move Forward! Higer Bus Wins Two Awards in Great Influence to China Bus Industry

On January 19, 2024, the Award Ceremony of the 18th Great Influence toChina Bus Industry Yearly Review was held in Hefei. The jury of the OrganizingCommittee assessed that Higer Ruixing KLQ5041XSWEV1 and Tourist KLQ6127YEV1Nwon the awards of "The Starof Customized Tourist Bus" and "Recommended Model of New Energy Bus" respectively. Higer Bus won two product awards, which not only interpreted its excellent productstrength but also demonstrated the strong influence of the enterprise brand.

The Star of CustomizedTourist Bus——Ruixing KLQ5041

KLQ5041XSWEV1, as a Ruixing series product, is an upgraded light bus tailored by Higer Bus for short- and medium-distance passenger transport, tourism groups,customized routes and other markets. The model applies advanced electronicsafety technology and innovative structural design, follows European safety standards, and tries its best to protect the active and passive safety of vehiclesafter many experiments and tests. In addition, for different market demands and usage scenarios, Ruixing improves riding comfort from tourism to group travel, meets passengers' needs for space,empowers operation, andcreates a model of short-distanceoperation.

Recommended Model of NewEnergy Bus-Tourist KLQ6127Y

KLQ6127 Tourist is a differentiated product launched by Higer Bus for thehigh-endbusiness travel vehicle market. It not only inherits the exquisitecraftsmanship of Scania Higer High-end Bus, butalso adopts new technologies,materials and processes and boasts high-end and elegant appearance and fine and warm interior trims. It creates anexclusive noble experience with the beauty of details and endows high-end business travel with delicate connotation. Onthe premise of high standard and quality, pure electric Tourist is equipped with Higer new energy technology toreduce product energy consumption and failure rate with "green" power, settingoff a "low-carbon" whirlwind in the high-endtourist group passenger transport market.

KLQ6127 Tourist has served major international events and competitions suchas "SeeChina along the Expressway-RedJourney" held bythe Ministry of Transport, BeijingWinter Olympics, etc., and won recognition from passengers with its zero-fault operation performance.