A Milestone in South-South Cooperation! A Batch of Higer Pure Electric Buses are Officially Delivered to Costa Rica

On January 17, CostaRican Electricity Institute (ICE) received a batch of Higer pure electric busesaided from China. This batch of buses is one of the significant supplies forChina's South-South cooperation project on climate change to aidCosta Rica. Tang Heng, China's Ambassador to Costa Rica, attended the ceremony.

South-Southcooperation is to develop economic and technological cooperation amongdeveloping countries. Since most developing countries are located in the southernhemispheres and the southern part of the northern hemispheres, this cooperationis also called “South-South Cooperation” In February 2022, on the occasion of the third anniversary of CostaRica'snational decarbonization plan, theMinistry of Ecology and Environment of China signed an agreement with theMinistry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica to provide six pure electricbuses for Costa Rica. Finally, HigerBus won the bid. At present, thevehicles have been officially delivered and put into use, which will further promote the sustainabledevelopment of local green public transportation and provide a new "model" for the extensive and in-depthcooperation between China and Costa Rica in the areas of modernization of newenergy transportation.

It is reported that the batch of Higer pure electric buses will beinitially put into use on routes and free trade zones outside Costa Rica's local metropolitan area, and later will be further used as rural buses and for the transportationof enterprise workers. The buses have a battery capacity of 350 kWh and cancarry up to 83 passengers, with anexpected charging time of two hours and an average endurance mileage of 300 km.

"The buses will help to improve the transportinfrastructure and living quality of residents in Costa Rica. In the future, the two countries will continue to strengthencoordination in climate change and environmental governance and jointly build acommunity of shared future for mankind. "said Tang Heng, ChineseAmbassador to Costa Rica. "Considering the benefits of sustainable transportation, this donation will facilitate the gradualreplacement of vehicles powered by fossil fuels in our transport sector", said ICE executive chairman Marco Acuña.